Wholesale Services

Auto Restoration Services
-We provide full reconditioning and detailing services catered to auto wholesalers, used car dealerships, autobody shops, and alike.
-Have us facilitate the entire restoration process from auction pickup to front line delivery!
-Rates vary depending specific requirements, inquire for details.

We provide wholesale to retail facilitation and retail consignment sales
-Geared towards wholesale only dealers, autobody shops, and other businesses without a retail dealer license.
-Rates are based on volume but as low as $190 per transaction and we can even offset this fee by charging the end customer DMV legal registration processing fees ($123.25).

We can provide all local auction inspection and bidding service, prices vary, call for details. 

Misc Notes
*All rates  are dependent on volume, workload, logistic requirements, and availability. Inquire for specific quotes.

Call or text (916) 396-9617 or use our contact form.