Selling or trading in your vehicle has never been easier!

For fast cash, we can buy your vehicle outright! Simply bring your vehicle in for a quote.


Use our vehicle consignment and advertising services to sell your vehicle(s) at top dollar!


  •  $300 for the first month which includes storage, active marketing, and a dedicated salesperson to show and sell your vehicle!
  • If your vehicle takes longer than one month to sell, each additional month of storage is simply $150 and the additional months are prorated (so half a month is only $50).
  • Additional services are quoted as needed.


  • Must have title on hand along with a government issued ID (for public).
  • Vehicle must be in good running condition.
  • Must be realistic about the market value.
  • Must bring in all necessary certifications prior to delivering a vehicle to us (mainly a smog cert.)
  • All consignment or advertisement arrangements will be reviewed prior to acceptance.

For more details call us at 916-396-9617 or provide us with your information below.

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