Have some extra cash laying around? Join our team today and we’ll buy, fix, and sell autos!

Our Assurance
-We guarantee no loss.
-Your investment is fully insured with the vehicles held as collateral and we’re also fully licensed and Bonded with DMV.
-We have many years of experience of purchasing, restoring, and selling vehicles at high volume.
-We have many previous customers ready to vouch for a positive experience with us.
-We’ve in business since September of 2003 and going strong ever since!
-You can even be welcomed onto our team (and state-of-the-art facilities) as an active member!

Our Basic Guidelines
-Minimum of $30,000 initial investment required.
-Minimum of 6 month commitment required.
-All investors must be approved by Owner and all parties involved will enter contract.

-Investment returns vary but can expected yields of 30-40% annual return for the passive investor have been proven over recent years.

Our dealership is located at 8417 Rovana cir. #8, Sacramento, CA 95828
Browse our Web site at
Call/text 916-396-9617 for more info (NDA required for further specifics).